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Super Bowl: Take the high road with Eagle fans

There was something so ugly about the behavior of some Philadelphia fans at the NFC championship game in that city recently, that it's hard for even character-filled, well-educated Vikings fans to not respond in kind and in hate.

But we should all remember who we are as fans. We're not about hate. We're not about winning at all costs. We're not poor sports. We're not, well, psychotic about our teams.

Minnesotans see sports as part of life, not life as part of sports.

But we're also not passive fans. We love our Vikings bullhorn, our drum and our "Skol!" chant. We're loyal. We have a long tradition about a belief in playing the game hard and when our teams don't put forth their best effort, we hold them accountable.

But the angry Eagles fan who embraces intoxication like a warm puppy is a poster child for grade school bullying. Let's be clear, not all Philly fans are abusive nutcases. But it's troubling the good fans accept the verbal and physical profanity-laced abuse of the others, and police ignore the launching of full cans of beer at innocent visitors to the "City of Brotherly Love."

There is talk on social media of Vikings fans signing up to be Uber drivers and then dropping Philly fans at random locations around town. We shouldn't go there. While that would be a mild response to beer-can assault, it's not who we are.

Now is Minnesota's time to shine. Fortunately, that's not a tall order for us. We live in a place that highlights the character-building nature of sports. Fans walk into our stadiums with high spirits and embrace competition where both teams can give their all and leave their hearts on the field of battle, win or lose.

Minnesota fans don't need to worry about winners and losers. We've always been winners.—Mankato Free Press